Cheap Santorini Holidays 2018 - Enjoy the Greek Paradise

Cheap Holidays to Santorini

Santorini is considered one of the most romantic destinations in the world, with magical view and sunset.

Santorini Holidays

Cheap Deals in 2018 but you need to book early

Santorini is popular for a reason. It is beautiful, sunny, and rich with history. It epitomizes all that is alluring about the fabled Greek islands. It is where tourists go to leave their hearts behind. Charming, mystique-filled, and blessed with nature’s bounty, this island with its brilliant whites and blues can make your heart ache with desires and sigh with satisfaction at having been to a place where nymphs bathed under waterfalls, centaurs battled humans in groves, and the gods plotted against one another when not sending thunderbolts down on humans.

Plan your Holiday well in Advance

If you’re planning holidays 2018 then head to Santorini. It rejuvenates your body and soul. Beautiful cliffs that change colour with the time of the day, cute donkeys available for rides, ancient trails that are still used for treks, old churches, smashingly good looking men, beautiful women, and a culture that knows how to party…Santorini has all of this and you can enjoy this through cheap deals. You don’t have to spend a bomb. Bargain holidays to Santorini give you an opportunity to explore this caldera of fantastic vistas.

Travel to Santorini in 2018

Santorini, along with other villages is perched on the top of what was once a volcano. The volcano collapsed into the sea leaving behind the caldera of sheer cliffs and exquisitely beautiful geographical formations.

Plan your bargain holidays 2018 to Santorini in advance so that you can avail early-bird cheap deals by hotels, airlines, clubs and pubs. You will save money and get more bang for your buck.

The town of Fira lays claim to be the capital of Santorini. It is perched atop a cliff, offers grand vistas of the sea, and serves as an ideal base to explore Santorini because of its connectivity. The shopping district of Fira and the museum with its artefacts from pre-history are worth checking out here. For more laidback vibes, you may want to check out Kamari. The island is famous for its black sand and shingles beach. An open-air theatre and a magnificent sunrise are other reasons for checking out Kamari. On the other hand, Oia, perched atop a cliff, offers the most beautiful sunsets. Meandering paths, covered on foot or donkey, and architecture unique to the island, make Oia a must-visit place. Local taverns with fresh seafood, sailing, swimming, and picture postcard vistas make Oia among the most popular places in Santorini.

Get the most out of your Santorini bargain holidays by learning beforehand of the sightseeing and lodging options available. For example, you do not have to travel very far during your Santorini holidays 2018 to view and appreciate some of the best examples of Cycladean architecture. The ruins at Skaros are an excellent choice for leisurely excursion. For clear waters and clean beaches, there is no place like Perissa. The excavation site of Messa Vuno takes you back a couple of thousand years provided you’re willing to climb three kilometres to the top of the hill. Local fish taverns, bakeries, bars, and grills here serve tasty food, huge portions, and the rates are cheap. Pyrgos is located on the highest point on the island and has many clickworthy spots.

The tourist season in Santorini begins in April when the weather is balmy. It lasts till September. The best months for cheap deals on bargain holidays to Santorini are April, May, and September. After September, temperatures begin to dip and the rains come. Tourist inflow slows down. The island still retains its beauty, and beckons the intrepid traveller. Low costs on Santorini holidays 2018 during the off season are an added bonus.

Public transport and hired motorcycles are the best way to get around. You can also travel by ferries that transport people between towns and villages on Santorini.

Santorini is a place where a traditional way of life still holds firm. Travel outward from the tourist spots and you will catch a glimpse of a lifestyle that has existed for centuries. Houses in caves, groves of orange and olives that are hundreds of years old, vineyards, wineries, and fishing villages co-exist with modernity in Santorini.

Santorini is a paradise for divers. Clear waters, wrecks, underground caves, and marine life combine to make scuba diving an enchanting experience.